Food is a fragile item that needs an appropriate place for storage, cooking, and handling. Any mistake and error in handling the food items can make them rotten. That is why extra care is required to keep the food items in good condition. Out of all the food items, meat is the one item that will need your care. Meat can go prone if you are not keeping it in an appropriate environment. The container, temperature, and handling matter to keep the meat in good condition. Know that meat is an ideal source of getting an abundant quantity of protein. Meat is also a beneficial source of getting nutrients.


The food handling business is not a child’s play. Any mistake by your side can make all the meat go rotten. Experts say that raw meat is safe when you store, handle and cook it at a suitable temperature. Know that having a quality appliance is a must-have. You need to invest in a commercial fridge or freezer. You can get benefit from any commercial fridge for sale offer. You can deliver the raw meat by using refrigeration. So, you need an appropriate appliance to transfer the raw meat at a safe temperature range. But the problem starts when you want to supply fresh meat.

Temperature matters a lot when you want to ship or deliver fresh meat. It is a must-have to set the appliance at a stable temperature. Having a fixed temperature will ensure the quality of fresh meat. You need to take care of the temperature range while you go to deliver fresh meat. Below we are jotting down a temperature guide that can help you distribute the fresh raw meat safely.

Refrigeration temperature range for delivering fresh meat: 

Frozen meat is different than raw meat. Know that fresh raw meat requires a different temperature than frozen raw meat. It is best to keep the raw meat at 40 degrees F to ensure safe handling. You can also store the raw meat lower than 40 degrees F. But you have to make sure that the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees F. This is 35 to 40 degrees F is the best temperature range for transporting the meat. This temperature is suitable when you can deliver fresh raw meat within one day. The temperature requirement will change if you cannot transfer the fresh raw meat within one day. 


If delivering the raw meat will take more than one day, you need to opt for other methods. Two days are suitable for keeping the fresh raw meat in the fridge. But for more than two days, you need to go for the freezing method.

Freezing temperature range for delivering fresh meat: 

It is best to go for the freezing method if delivering the raw meat will take more than two days. Freezing will limit the growth of bacteria. This way, your raw meat will not rot. For freezing, the ideal temperature is 0 F. Know that 0 F is the best temperature to ensure the safe handling of raw meat. And if you have tiny space then you can choose ideal temperature refrigerator like interlevin cev130s.  The low temperature will not allow your raw meat to spoil. Freezing will also prevent raw meat from food-borne illnesses. Make sure you have both options available while you deliver meat.