Alcohol is a chemical that has a variety of effects depending on the dosage. Many people feel energised and energised at low dosages; however at moderate to high amounts, they become more tranquil or calm. The principal effects of alcohol are to increase the concentration of the neurotransmitter glutamate GABA.

It decrease the effects of the serotonergic glycine (which is abundant in the spinal cord and brain stem), and decrease the activities of stimulating neural transmissions. Alcohol use also has an effect on dopamine levels in the brain, mostly through its effects on a certain serotonin receptor. As a result, the mechanisms involved xanax alcohol interaction mood stabilizers, as well as alcohol, are very similar.

Despite the fact that most sources state that benzodiazepines like Xanax are more typically abused in combination with other substances, polysubstance abuse statistics can be incorrect. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse Department Of health (Joint commission), 

The annual rate of ER visits for founder midazolam and alcohol use remained unchanged within about 1 million cases per year until 2008, when it decided to jump to around 2.5 million cases country wide and continued to stay at that level until system managed to stop collecting data for the Drug Abuse Disclaimer System (Light) surveys.

xanax alcohol interaction is typically regarded safe when used within its recommended dose range. As people consume small amounts of both Xanax and alcohol, the risk of severe interactions is reduced when compared to the consequences that may occur with bigger quantities. 

Both chemicals are readily digested at low levels, but when individuals begin taking greater dosages of one or both medications, the system is put under substantial pressure. A single beer and one Xanax is definitely not as dangerous as a 12-pack of alcohol and seven or eight Xanax. Larger doses of one or both medicines consumed over the same time period obviously result in greater possible effects and consequences between the two drugs.