Boosters clubs are home to passionate parents who want to raise funds to provide the best for their children. The reason why such clubs are run by the parents is to provide enough funding for their children’s team activities, health treatments, uniforms, and more. It is the creative fundraising ideas by using which not only specific clubs can provide funding but also encourage greater membership. This article provides the booster club fundraising ideas that work and make their best. 

  • T-shirt Fundraising: 

In case a cub is in a pinch, t-shirt fundraising comes out as an easy go-to fundraiser. With no down payment, a club can create t-shirts for their team and raise the money by selling them online. In case a club is confident enough to sell a large number of t-shirts, this type of fundraiser can be used as a chance to connect with the local businesses and form community partnerships benefitting the club in the longer run. 

  • Coupon books

A coupon book is another popular fundraiser for booster clubs. Although this particular fundraising idea can take a little more time, it is a well-anticipated fundraiser for many in the community. Local businesses can be asked to work with the club so that deals can be offered to the customers and also their own book of coupons can be created. These coupon books can be sold to raise funds for the club. 

  • Gift-wrap Fundraiser:

There are two ways to run this booster club fundraising idea. The first idea that a club can incorporate is buying or making wrapping paper in bulk and selling it at a higher cost to team supporters. Another way that can be used to raise funds during the holiday season is by offering to wrap presents for donation. 

  • Online campaigns:

People might feel unsure to attend the live event during the pandemic. For such supporters, it is advisable to run an online fundraising campaign. It is with social media that possibilities for the online campaign can be grown. Money can be raised by the supporters with peer-to-peer or crowdfunding campaigns. A few booster club members who are active online can be found and ask them to start their own campaigns. Stories and pictures of how the team is being helped and why others should donate can be shared online.  

  • Sports contests 

In case a club is raising funds for a sports team, the ideal way to do the same is to organize an event focusing on the sport. The skills of the basketball team can be shown off in a contest judged by school staff or business leaders. Tickets to this event can be sold and businesses can be asked to sponsor each contestant. 


There is no need to rely on membership dues to collect enough money for the children’s team. It is by incorporating the listed booster club fundraising ideas and building relationships with the businesses in the community that long-term support can be found for the club and all funding needs.