Needing dentures in Dacula, GA, is pretty common among older adults, and it may help with a variety of conditions. In some cases, dentures are needed because teeth have been lost due to the natural aging process, trauma, or illness. And in other cases, missing teeth may be used as an alternative to having dental implants as part of their treatment plan. 

Dentures are mainly of two types, complete dentures, and partial dentures. Complete dentures are opted for when an individual has lost all their teeth. Partial dentures are used when an individual has only a few teeth missing. In general, people often opt for dentures when they have lost their teeth, and dental implants and bridges might not be the right choice. 

Here are common reasons for people to consider getting dentures.

  • Missing teeth

This is the main reason for getting dentures, as people are often disappointed that missing teeth cannot be restored with implants and dental bridges. Having a full set of teeth can make a big difference in how people eat and will offer them more confidence. Moreover, people feel embarrassed and low in confidence when they have missing teeth. 

  • Gum disease

Gum disease can make it hard for humans to chew and even swallow, which can be dangerous. Missing teeth can sometimes make the gums in their mouth become more sensitive, but dentures can help prevent this problem from becoming too serious.

  • Tooth decay

Without a tooth or a set of teeth in their mouth, people are at an increased risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay can sometimes be painful, and people may not want to deal with this when they have missing teeth. However, having dentures may help people avoid the risk of tooth decay. 

  • To enhance facial tissues

If you are unhappy with the structure of your face and do not like how your cheeks appear, then dentures might be something to consider. Your cheeks will have a much more attractive and defined shape when you have dentures. You will appear more youthful and attractive. People with dentures feel better about themselves because they have a full set of teeth again. 

  • To improve speech and chewing abilities

For people who have missing teeth, dentures are a consideration in order to make their speech clearer and enhance their chewing abilities. Dentures can help people speak comfortably and to eat better. Moreover, you will find yourself much more confident in social situations.