Cannabis is a plant used for centuries for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. The high can sometimes be too intense and cause anxiety or discomfort. Don’t worry if you have ever been in this situation. This guide explores eight strategies that can help you bring down the high from cannabis and enjoy your experience.

  1. Don’t Panic:

Imagine this: You’ve just taken a hit or eaten an edible. Suddenly, you feel more intense. First, don’t panic. Panic only magnifies negative emotions and can make the experience more uncomfortable. Cannabis won’t lead to an overdose. The effects will gradually subside.

  1. Relax, Rest, or Sleep: Enjoy the Tranquility

A cannabis high can bring about a deep sense of relaxation. Find a safe place, close your eyes, and lie down if you feel overwhelmed. Allow your body to relax and enjoy the tranquility cannabis offers. Sleeping can be an effective way to allow the high intensity to wear off. You may wake up feeling refreshed and reconnected to reality.

  1. Shift Your Focus:

Consider shifting your focus if you feel your mind racing and your high is too intense. Diversifying your senses can help you forget the overwhelming feelings. You can distract yourself by taking a leisurely stroll outside, reading a book, or watching a movie. Even doing some light housework or completing a few household chores will help. Avoid tasks that require quick thinking or good judgment, as cannabis may temporarily impair your cognitive abilities.

  1. Use CBD:

Cannabidiol (also known as CBD) is a cannabinoid that has the ability to counteract THC’s mind-altering properties. CBD, unlike THC, does not bind to the CB1 receptors that cause the high. You can reduce the overwhelming effects of THC by introducing CBD to your system via drops or vaping.

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